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Job-Hoppers and Why You Shouldn’t Turn Them Down

In these days and age, when millennials are seen to be more critical and competitive than the previous generations, it has become more challenging for recruiters to find and recruit the best talents who genuinely offer longevity.

Perhaps it may be true that young potential talents nowadays tend to change jobs very quickly for various purposes. They change jobs either for a better pay, better position, faster career advancement, or for a better workplace that actually offers constant learning work environment for them.

And perhaps, looking for a loyal potential candidate who works for the same company for 15 years or more is actually not the most important thing anymore to consider when what we want is to get the best talent that could help benefit the company in a long term.

Looking back, a potential employee who sticks around in one company for a long time might be a treasure in the talent pools. However, everything in the working industry has changed now and so have the types of talents we have at the moment.

These days, Recruitment or Talent Acquisition Managers might seem to find job-hoppers more often than they did before. However, the now job-hoppers are not all bad and unqualified. Some of them change their jobs more often solely because they desire to keep on learning and growing. What does this imply? Potential talents that you should not shun in the first place. Before you throw away their resumes to the bin, here are a few things that will make you reconsider to give them a chance to sit and talk with you for an interview.

  1. They are highly motivated and ambitious people

Before you spurn job-hoppers for their inability to stay long in one company, you might need to be aware of the paths they choose and the reason behind them. They might be the real millennials who cannot stay still, sit down and constantly do the same job over and over again without gaining new knowledge. These people could actually grasp the needed knowledge and skills for the responsibilities they bear in one company within one or two years time or even less than that. It is guaranteed that money is not always their main goal to work but it is the knowledge, new skills and experiences that they seek for while benefitting their companies with skills they have already possessed. These kinds of people are always motivated and ambitious. Their need of a work environment in which they could constantly learn and better themselves might make them a great asset for your organisation.


  1. They are fast learners

Working in different companies, they surely have experienced learning a lot of new things, making and shaping them into fast learners themselves. They will not have problems with directly jumping into the positions they are assigned into without no prior trainings because they bring their knowledge from previous work experiences to your company.


  1. They are not afraid of challenges

No one is ever sure of how working in a new company would turn out for everybody. Yet, job-hoppers are actually brave enough to leave their previous workplace that might offer comforts and stability. They take risks to move to a new company whom they might not even have any prior knowledge or experience about the work environment.


  1. They are experienced enough to work with various kind of people

Since they have changed jobs for at least once, they surely have experienced firsthand how to deal with people with different ideas, opinions and beliefs. They bring with themselves the skills to work and deal with various kind of people to your organisation, and if you’re lucky enough, you might find amongst those, people who really stand out and master great communication skills


  1. They are always learning

The good thing about some of these people is, wherever you put them at and whichever department you assign them into, they will not complain about it. Instead, they will view it as an opportunity to learn more, absorb new knowledge and grow their flames. They always feel confident they could do anything they are assigned into while simultaneously learning new things.


In the end, there is nothing to be afraid of the job-hoppers. Give them a chance to talk with you and have yourself impressed with the wonders they could bring to the table.


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