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Common Mistakes Interviewees Always Do at Job Interviews

Job interview might be something frightening for us to have. Let it be an interview for your first job or even for a higher position you aim for. While there might be countless of articles explaining about the tips and tricks to nail a job interview, here are the most common mistakes from my personal experience.

1. Coming late to the interview

This might be the most common mistake interviewees always do. While there might really be a traffic jam or force majeure events, interviewers do not really accept ANY excuses to come late to your interview schedule. It is likely that you will fail your interview once you are late. So be prepared, it’s better to come early as it would make a good impression than to come late and fail the initial stage of the interview.

2. Looking nervous and unprepared

When you first meet your interviewers, firm handshake is a must. It suggests that you are confident with yourself. Whilst being nervous is inevitable, looking nervous is not! Sit up straight (do not slouch!) and talk in a loud and clear voice. It is good to practice before your job interview and make a list of questions that are likely to be asked during your interview so that you remain calm and relaxed when answering the interviewers’ questions.

3. Not knowing about the company

You might apply a lot of jobs to dozens of different companies. Whilst it is normal to do that, when you are called for an interview at one particular company, it is compulsory to learn about the company’s details and get to know their visions, missions and or values.  The common question “what do you know about our company?” always appears on every job interviews because interviewers want to know how keen you are in working with them. Conducting a research on their people and the departments you are applying to might even get you better insights that would be an added value for you during your interview session.

4. Not knowing about the job responsibilities

Similar with point number four, it is also necessary to read and understand the job responsibilities you are applying for. Job ads usually come with company details, job position and responsibilities, so make sure you do not miss all of the details of the responsibilities you will bear as there is a bigger chance your interviewers will also ask you about the job role.

5. Asking about the pay

Unless your interviewers are talking about the pay that you will earn, do not ask about it first. It only goes to show how aggressive you are. Do not even tell your interviewers about your salary expectation unless you are asked. Let the interviewers open the discussion with you. If you are a great candidate and a perfect fit for their company, we bet they will consider your salary expectations.

Overall, a job interview is not something we should be scared of. With adequate preparations as well as information about the company you are applying to, avoiding the above mistakes would be easy peasy!


Originally published on Rimbun Job Agency’s website


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