Random Thoughts

Hola Real Life!

Lately I have been staying at home due to a long semester break I have. I won’t lie that I’m bored to death. It’s like I have been pretty much wasting my time by doing practically nothing since my ‘holiday’ started. I have also applied several jobs to several companies yet I have not got any calls for interview yet.

My life right now is so boring that if it was a tv show, not even a 90 years old lady would watch it.

But for having to stay at home too long, I got a chance to watch some interesting reality shows varied from shows like ‘Secret Millionaire’ and ‘Undercover Boss’ that show how there are lots of millionaires that could just spend thousands of dollars easily to help those in need to shows about very thin models and celebrities with their fancy lives.

The idea of the superior helping the inferior really attracts me. Some of them show how easy it is to ease the burden of the needy that the millionaires help. They make me wish I was that person they’d just give a little amount of their cash to. (lol)

But then I realise they are not real. The aim of the shows is to project our fantasy of what we want to be but we know we cannot and somehow by watching it we feel like it could kind of heal the pain of not being able to fulfil our desire to be what we want ourselves to be.

However my version of real life, although far from what I see from the tv shows, is more acceptable because that’s just what represents us, the commoners.
For me real life is working hard on scholarship applications just so I could make my dreams come true without having to bug my parents to buy me plane tickets and accommodate me with money they do not have.
Real life is striving to get my Bachelor’s degree just so I could find a better work.
Real life is having a two hour commute everyday from house to uni by using public transportation plus the struggle I make to get into the train and bus due to the crazy hectic crowds.
Real life is going out to have fun without my parents because they have to make ends meet from the morning until late.
Real life is waiting for a reply from some companies that I send my job application to.
Real life is knowing my mom was so very happy I bought her a discounted Guess bag from America or my sister who got a bag full of Victoria’s Secret stuffs.
Real life is seeing my dad works so hard sometimes he has to stand the pain his liver gets from overworking.

Our real lives are designed to be rough and difficult because it is the reason why we are put here: to survive. Some of us could overcome the obstacles some do not, but hey! it does not even matter because what matters is you being happy with your own life.
Do not let the lives of others bring you down; do not let your life defeat you; do not let it control you. You control your life.
And if it gets hard, which it always does, that it feels like you are dying then let your dream live, because it is always what keeps us alive. Always.

So, dream on, watch any kind of show you like but never let it make you feel like your life is not even worthy. Because after all we are all on the same big boat… just different levels.


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