Random Thoughts

Hang in there…

‘God does not put us in a situation where we cannot handle.’

We all as humans can never get away from problems everyday. Some of us could easily overcome it but some of us could not. The truth is, we can never really avoid problems. They are everywhere, coming from family, friends, schools, works, even yourself.

Happy life without problems does not exist. In fact, even a rich billionaire like Bill Gates may have problems in his life.

I would say that problems are actually what make us humans. Look at the positive side, they are in our lives for a purpose: to force us to survive and be alive. They are in our lives to mature us and make us learn the lessons.

I have been through the worst problems in my life. I have been through all those hard times of being rejected into my dream University, failing to reach a one-step-away dream, being betrayed by what seemed to be my long life best friend, and plus those countless depressing failures that would take days to list.
I still am in those problems but I am battling to survive simply because…

I do believe that God did not design our lives to be always miserable, and that all the problems we have will only make us stronger bigger and better if we are brave enough to face them.

Life is like a wheel of fortune, sometimes you lose but there is always a chance for you to win. What matters is you to grab as many chances as you can to spin it.

So for those of you who think that you are always in misery, for those of you crying because of your problems, for those of you who are depressed, as long as the wheel spins still, do not give up. Wipe those ugly tears. Chin up. Laugh your problems off, and hang in there, because better days always await.


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