Random Thoughts


Several days ago, when I was having class at my University, our lecturer seemed to feel gutted because none of my classmates knew the answer of her question which I have forgotten what it was. She then told us to google the answer. I, giving it a try, raised my hand and answered her question. She laughed cynically and then asked me whether I understood or not. Of course it was a dumb of me because I did not understand. My lecturer then kept laughing at us sarcastically. We were discouraged, did not even want to try to answer other questions of her since she would just laugh at us anyway. And I since then kind of chicken out every time she asks us to answer her questions.

This event reminded me of all of my teachers right when I studied in the UK or US. I was never afraid to give opinions or even answers questions from my teachers. Back then, they always encouraged us to try and not be afraid to utter opinions. They would never laugh at how silly or wrong our answers to their question were. The only thing that was wrong was when we didn’t give it a try.

I couldn’t help but compare them. I am sad and disappointed. Has it become a habit or even tradition for some of Indonesian teachers to discourage their students? Has students’ attempt to try become less-mattered for teachers that they easily downplay students?

This shall be stopped soon.

Hence along with this post, I would like to say that every little thing may not matter to you but it may mean everything to someone. Appreciate it since we never know how hard they might give their effort for it. Never discourage, only encourage and appreciate.

Thus, the root of all this, I believe, planted within ourselves.
So start doing it for yourself.

Appreciate yourself for striving so hard because if it wasn’t because of it, you wouldn’t be right where you are now;

Appreciate yourself for giving it one more try for things you had been failing to get several times but finally achieved it at your very last attempt:

Appreciate yourself for listening to your heart that it brought to happiness you had always wanted to pursue;

Appreciate every little thing you have done or achieved.


You deserve to appreciate yourself, make yourself believe that you deserve some credits for everything you have done, because doing this little thing continuously will only shape you to nothing but a wise person whose self-esteem could not be wrecked and whose mind knows how and when to appreciate others.

And to your surprise, everything you do will always just be appreciated back by everyone around you.

Appreciate, because it is easier than discourage.


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