Random Thoughts

Holla University Studs!

Some people think being in high school gives them the best time of their lives, I do think I’m having the best time of my life in University. I survived six terms and this journey somehow has come to an end. The bittersweet times during my university life, the depressing times when lecturers gave us lots of assignments and homework, the joyous time when we got a good GPA will all soon remain nothing but sweet memories.

Being a university student gives me lots of wonderful experiences. All of my great journey of life started during my university life. I do not know if I am willing enough to let go of my student status soon. There is no denial my current status as a student took me everywhere I wanted to go. My journey as a university student has been nothing but a blessing. Who I am now is the result of mostly the experiences I had during my university year and I am proud to say those experiences are gold.

If there’s one thing I would like to change about my university life, I would change nothing. I did never regret a single thing that ever happened to me during my university life. The best thing I’m proud of myself because I did it was that I was brave enough to take a chance and not caring about the risks. I was most afraid of failure but university life taught me to be tough and to overcome my fear. And I DID successfully overcome my fear of failure.

I might have said this before but I’m definitely having the best time of my life. I am so blessed to ever get a chance to study in a university and experience lots of wonderful things, but I have to move on and that is life is all about….

I will be on my 7th and hopefully my last term starting this August. I will be doing my thesis and expected to graduate January 2014. Now I am currently doing a month internship. I achieved some of my lifetime dreams during my university year and I could never thank God enough. Now that my university life will soon be over, I just cannot wait to graduate and start a new life, create a pile of dreams and check them one by one.

I have had my time and I enjoyed it.
One thing I have for you all, my fellow university students or those who are going to start university life….
Enjoy your time in university. It is a perfect time for you to make mistakes, take chances, fail thousand times without being judged, and achieve what you fight for. Be depressed of the assignments and homework, whine about the subjects you cannot seem to understand, but never give up and never forget to have some fun anytime you have the opportunity to.
You have got only three to four years so use your time wisely.
Because when you grow old, you might not want to spend your time telling yourself “if only I did this or that when I was still in university.” I do not want to, no way, ever.

So, here is to my fellow university students, especially the freshmen and sophomores;
May the odds be ever in your favour!


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