Bits o' Trips

A Wanderlust

Heading to Washington, D.C. From New York City;
This road never seems to end;
This journey feels like forever;
The sense of going back home approaching,
as I am going far from New York City.

I knew it was only three days but the city took away some part of me.
I could still feel the breeze around the city;
big lights surround the night life; a million of people walk like they are coming to me.
It is wonderful yet aching. It was real but all the reality I am facing makes it all surreal.

After all this time, I forgot how it felt like to travel so far away from home. Then, suddenly this feeling comes out of nowhere strikes the very core of my mind:
A part of you missing your home, but another part of you feeling like you belong to the city you are travelling to.

It is almost five weeks I have been away from home.
It is only four hours I have been away from New York City,
the desire of going back to the city where I belong and the city where I feel like I belong to is just too strong.

“I will be back to New York City someday.” Said myself along the way to D.C.
Promises are made; hopes are highly set.

I guess this is the feeling of being a wanderlust.
Every journey I made only gives me a painfully wonderful feeling.
My mind is set, travelling reveals myself.
I am exploring myself as I explore the city.

I am longing for home, but I am longing to go back to the city I travelled to.
For all the cities I left parts of my heart in,
my optimistic feeling and imaginary always work beyond the border.
I hope they are enough to take me back.

Oh, such a sweet agony!
I can never be this blessed to feel this feeling.

Written on the bus to Washington, D.C.
because inspiration comes random.



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