Random Thoughts

More to be grateful…

“So which of His favour will you deny?” (55:13)

I was being such a whiny person all day. The air conditioner in my room has not been working which made it hard for me to nap. Suddenly, a postman came out of nowhere to deliver a package for my sister. I knew the wind was blowing real hard. The sign it was going to rain real soon.

I was right, within a minute right after he left my house, it started raining real hard.

Right when I almost forgot how to be always grateful, God directly warned me to be.

GRATEFUL, I am. He warned me. He loves me still.

While I am all safe and protected in my house. There are a lot of people, there is this postman who I am so sure is now all drenched, struggling to make ends meet outside.

I sighed… not because my Air Conditioner is still not working but because I am ashamed for what I have been  doing all day. Whine and whine and whine…

This event of the day reminds me of all the things I, now regret, have foolishly said like…

“I am so single the only guy that cares about me is my Dad.” While I know there are millions of girls in this world live without their father or even parents.

“I am so tired of my commute to University, I just want to stop!” While I know there are millions of teenagers my age cannot even continue their study and have to work.

And a lot of things I should have never said.

Often times we shamelessly complain about a lot of small things which we actually never even have to say. Being ungrateful makes us forget about a lot of blessings God has given to us.

Some people out there wish to be you…

Some people out there wish they have a house as good as yours…

Some people out there could only dream to eat food you usually eat.

Remember when you get into a small problem, look at the other side, chin up and put your head up, say: “I am (still) so damn lucky.” Just because we basically always have something to be grateful of.

You think you do not have anything to be grateful of? How about another day God rewards you to live while everyone less lucky than you has their last day of living? Isn’t it better to have your head filled with positive thoughts rather than negative ones? It is, absolutely.

“So which of His favour will you deny?” (55:13)

Sigh… no more.


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