Random Thoughts


Several days ago, I talked about how we express our opinions with a lovely friend of mine. Our conversation reminds me of the times when I got several people hated on me because of my arrogance of being too vocal back in the days.

I have never had a problem with people who cannot deal with me. I usually do not mind whether people hate on me or not for being who I am and for standing behind what I think is right.

Until the day I never thought would even happen come and force me to shut my mouth up and agree with the authority that my mind even refused to take just so I could live peacefully. (I am not going to tell my case here).

I never felt that disgusted, like I did eat my own words. I lied to myself. What was more disgusting: I lied just to fulfill my ambition.

Ever since that day happened, I learnt that I could never please everyone not even myself. I could not always stand for what is right. Sometimes we have to accept what life forces us to do even our heart refuses.

Freedom does never exist. The only possible thing for it to exist is when you decide to live alone, out of the society.

Some people are just ignorant and too stubborn to change and it’s not worth having them hate you just so you can be ‘right’. my friend said.

I am always impressed at how he teaches me a lot of things I always denied to learn. At this point, I realised that what he said is right. I do not want to lose the people I love because of my arrogance for standing for what is right for me but not for them. Living up to what you want is never enough. You cannot live life that way, never. You need the people around you and you can never fight them.

Imagine if you really stand for what you think is right but leaving the people around you hate on you, will you ever stand living together only with your ‘ right thoughts’?  If you happen to ever be at this position, that’s when you finally learnt about tolerance.

Up until the time I posted this, I am still learning to carefully utter my thoughts and opinions. I did not change though. It is such a bullshit to say I have completely changed.

I am still standing for what is right regardless of how the people around me think about it. It’s just I knew I have to keep what I think is right but people may disagree to myself.

You do not have to be vocal and tell the whole world about what you think is right, because some people just cannot take it. You may think what an awful world we live in and people are so narrow-minded but that is why you have your own beliefs. As long as you still believe in yourself, believe in whatever you think is right, you will be just okay.

It is needless to expose what you believe in which you may be sure you will likely end up be hated because of it.

Mind your thoughts, expose what seems acceptable, but keep believing in what you think is right!


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