Random Thoughts

A blessing or a cursing…

Downpour all over the city sends me a motivation to write again. I was thinking about things that I’ve quite often been hearing lately like how some people claim that “education is the only thing that matters,” or… “people who go to University more likely behave well than those who do not.” and blah blah blah. I always do believe that a good education builds a strong foundation to be successful in life, but a claim that we behave well than those who do not attend University has got me thinking… REALLY? DO WE?

Often times I see University students on the bus would just pretend that they fall asleep if they saw a pregnant woman or old or disabled man standing in front of them just so they would not have to give up their seats to them or people whom I think have gotten University degrees would easily shout at the hawkers when they need to buy something or how train passengers that mostly are office workers (and are supposedly higher institution graduates) could get really angry and brutally destroy state-owned properties in the station when there were some delays and so on.

The more I think about how some of us actually behave the more I understand that it is never a guarantee that University shapes us to be well-behave persons. Those simple examples that I see everyday in my daily activity are just a reminder that we shall never get satisfied easily of our formal education system.

We are lucky to get a chance to continue our study in higher education. We are lucky to live life better than most people we meet daily, but admit this we are just lazy to fully use the opportunity we have to learn more than just the education we normally get in University. Or let’s just don’t blame ourselves since we are the society that love to put the blame on others, let’s just think that this is because we are too focused on educating our brains that we forget to educate ourselves in how to behave properly.

Life is not all about getting a Degree, chasing dreams, or getting a respect because of our position or title or achievement.

Let me give you this food for thought: if life is all about the things I mentioned above, will the tendency to behave well to everyone we meet, poor or rich, educated or not exist within our minds?

I would love to answer YES, it will likely exist but only to the people we think deserve to be appreciated, or in other words, to the people who we think are in the same or higher level (educational background, social status, etc..) with us.

Life is about interpreting what we have been learning and applying it through our lives and to whoever we meet. It is about controlling what our ego urges us to do and letting our conscience, if we have any, speak.

Life, in short, is simply about treating everyone the same way. 

Formal education is important and it is such a  blessing to the people who can make it to a higher institution, but when we have so much in our brains but so lack of proper behaviour…

look around and ask yourself, is it a blessing to you and your surrounding or a blessing to you but a cursing to your surrounding?

Raise your awareness!


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