Random Thoughts



What is it? Is it a state when we adore someone or something so much that we want to own it?

I have never understood about love.

How does it feel when you fall in love?

Does it hurt when you fall? Can you get up by yourself or are you just stuck there waiting for someone to help you stand up again?

Love sometimes hurts, they say, but it gives you indescribable excitement and pleasure.

Then why do people put the blame on love when they lose someone they think they are in love with if it gives them pleasure?

Tell me things I do not or never will understand, why do people want to fall in love over and over again when they have had enough pain from the love they thought would give them pleasure. Is pleasure really a torture?

Love is all about giving, they say.

How about the people who claim that they have so much love but always ignore or even are disgusted seeing the homeless or the poor around them?

The only thing I learnt about love is that it is what makes us think it is complicated while actually we are the complicated ones.

When we have enough love, we will want for more.

When we feel hurt, we will put the blame on love.

When we feel happy, we will worship love.

When we feel like never finding love, we think that it does never exist.

Oh humans, the most complicated creatures. And I am shamefully one of them.

Love is simple, we get what we give. We will eventually find a thing we have been looking for. That is how it works, they say.

but I am still lost.

I guess it is because I am human.


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