Random Thoughts

Makeups: OFF, Silly: ON

At one fine afternoon, a random thought suddenly comes into my busy mind…

“I, as a girl, always think that wearing makeup is never necessary. I have always been proud to go outside everywhere without any makeup on.” O really, Amelia?

One day, a dear friend of mine asked me… “Have you ever felt unpretty?” Deep down, I started to think… I have never felt pretty, I always had a super low confidence that all of the times I didn’t wear any makeup was because I knew it’s useless and I would not get any prettier.

Call me insecure, but I am sure tons of girls have felt this way. I HAVE NEVER FELT PRETTY.

All my best friends are type of girls who deserve to wear makeup. By that means, they are pretty. Yes, they are. So do I think ugly girls do not deserve to wear makeup? Hell no, we all do, but it’s just me who thinks it wouldn’t help much.

Back to my luvvly-jubbly friends, they love to wear makeup everyday and I always love to see them wearing some makeup and take some pictures of themselves, their prettiness deserves some compliments, but then when they asked me to put some makeup on, I would be like “no, thanks”.

It decreases my confidence every time I walk with my friends, all guys would just stare at them, and every time we shared our stories, theirs are basically about guys who fancy them.

Then what story do I have to share with them?

Well, you might just guess I have no secret admirer. Of course, I would not tell lies to them. What I share with them are mostly just some funny jokes that always could make them laugh. Sometimes they laugh so hard that they could not even control themselves.

Am I a joker? Yes, you might say so.

I dig deeper and deeper about myself just to find out one good thing about me. One moment, I realised that it is not about being pretty with makeup on that makes me happy, it is about making everyone around me happy that makes me so. I might always feel insecure, but I never felt obligated about things that I gotta do, as a girl. I love how I never feel worried about my makeup, whether or not fits me and how I can just go crazy and laugh every single time until I get exhausted. And one thing that I love the most: I’m happy seeing my friends gone wild and crazy because I make them so.

What’s actually your point, Amelia?

My point is simple “simply enjoy your life”. We will never know how good life is if we’re busy trying to be impressive”. People will absolutely just love you with makeup, but when you stop wearing it, will they still love you?

How about some funny jokes you share? Yes, people will love it too and when you stop joking, people will miss your jokes.

I do not suggest being a joker, it’s just a sample to prioritise things that make you comfortable.

What I would like to say is, your happiness is what matters. If you are not happy with what you are now, if you do something only to impress people, then stop it. Love your life. People will always judge and make you feel insecure, but the true happiness that comes from within will eventually defeat all those who try to bring you down. It is actually a challenge for yourself to treat yourself right and make yourself happy. As the time flies, if you choose to find happiness for yourself, you also will realise that people who love you will stay and support, and the people who do not love you… Yeah, I bet you know the answer.

Try to forget about people’s judgments and impressions, do not even fear them.

It’s fun and definitely worth to try.


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