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London, 020612 – 060812, a dream came true


I was too bored. I got no classes that day, all I did was browsing and checking my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr just to hit my boredom. Suddenly, the idea to find scholarship to study abroad popped up into my mind. I randomly typed several key words about scholarship to United Kingdom on Google and it led me to I’ve always been interested to study in United Kingdom. I have a huge crush on this well-developed country that I’m even majoring in English Literature in University. To go to England was one of my childhood dreams. So, I checked the website and found so many scholarships to the UK. I found one English institution that provided scholarship, it attracted me but there was no complete details about the scholarship, so I emailed the institution just to satisfy my curiosity about this scholarship. I did never expect they would reply me, and after this day passed, I lived my dull life as usual, and even forgot the mail I sent to the institution.


I never felt obligated to check my email because I usually got junk mails, but this day, I suddenly remembered about the mail I sent to that English institution. “They probably replied you…” whispered my heart. So I checked my inbox and found out that they actually replied me on 8/30/11, just a day after I sent them the email. I was so surprised and did not expect they would reply me. I read their email carefully, over and over again. I read all the instructions, they also sent me the application form and suddenly I felt so highly-motivated to get this scholarship, my mind kept asking me to go get this scholarship, and all of the sudden the childhood wish and hope to go to UK, the obsession to make my parents have something to be proud of came again…

I had to attach 2 recommendation letters, make 2 essays, and fill out the application form. It took me almost 3 months to complete all the things needed. It wasn’t easy to get the recommendation letters and stuffs, but finally it was all done. I sent my application form on 11/02/11 🙂

After sending my application form, I tried my best not to put much hope and expectation to get the scholarship but I began to pray that God would give me the best that there would be no efforts wasted instead everything would be paid off.

Ever since I sent my application form, I kept checking my email almost everyday, but there was no reply from them for over 2 months. It’s 2012 already and I got bored checking my email. I was sure that they refused my scholarship request. I was not disappointed, not even a bit. I knew God always has a perfect plan for me. So I lived my life as usual. No burdens, no worries.


“Dear Ms. Amelia,


Please find attached our decision regarding your scholarship application. Please confirm that the address on the letter is correct and that you accept this decision.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,


Martha Raczynski
PA to Paul Lindsay, Director of St Giles Educational Trust

St Giles Highgate
51 Shepherds Hill
London N6 5QP
Tel: 00 44 (0) 208 340 0828
Fax: 00 44 (0) 208 348 9389

I was trembling. I could not believe I finally got a scholarship to study in Central London for 9 weeks. Tears of joy streamed down my face. I felt so blessed and grateful. Mom did not believe I got the scholarship, neither did my Dad. I looked at their tired and old eyes, I told them I really got it. I printed the email and showed it to them, but they did not understand, the only thing they understood was, the email came from London, United Kingdom.

Approximately 3 weeks after this shocking news, I got a letter from London, it was my acceptance letter. Mom and Dad kept looking at it over and over again, They looked at the stamp. They still could not believe their daughter will go to London, soon.

I could never explain how happy my parents were, every time I looked at them in the eyes, they were so happy, their eyes were shining… That was like the first time ever I could make my parents feel proud of me. I was blessed.

The institution told me to make a visa as soon as I got the acceptance letter. So I went to the visa centre with my Dad, it took some time to complete the application form. I also had to book flights to the UK first for applying the visa.

I was nervous and afraid that my visa application would be rejected…

but in 4/13/12 approximately two weeks after I submitted my visa application, I got an email from UK visa application centre…


Your processed visa application reference no.JKAC/020412/093480/1 has been collected from UK Visa Application Centre on 04/13/2012″

Alhamdulillah… I finally obtained my UK visa. I felt so close to the UK.

Everything was under control, I also got a permission from the Head of English Department of my University to take the final test before the specified date as I would go to London on the first of June.


It’s finally the day. My departure day. The day that I will never forget for my entire life. My mom had been crying for almost a week, this would be my very first time being apart from my parents. All my bags were packed. My parents, my brother, and my aunt took me to the airport. My best friends were already waiting for me in the airport. I got tons of supports and encouragements from family and friends (I could never thank enough for the support they gave to me). It’s finally the time to fly to the United Kingdom. It took almost 18 hours to go to London from Jakarta and I also had to stop over in Doha, Qatar. Everyone was crying, both my parents, my friends, and my aunt, I tried not to shed a single tear. A happy feeling took over myself that day, but after I boarded onto the aircraft, my parents’ faces suddenly came into my mind… I had to live so far away from them for almost 3 months. After all, this was something that I had been dreaming, and it needed some efforts to reach it. I almost gave up, got disappointed, ever wanted to stop the efforts, but I did not and it led me to a nice thing in the end.

“When you feel like you’re giving up on something good, see your parents’ faces and think, have they ever been giving up in raising you” – posted on my Twitter, 09/29/11

and London… there I came… 🙂Image


30 thoughts on “London, 020612 – 060812, a dream came true

  1. I loved your story. I´ve also sent them an e-mail a week ago, but I haven´t received any answers yet. I think I was very objective. Maybe I shoul have written something different. Congrats.

    • Hello Carla, thank you for your comment.
      I think your essays do not really matter. You just have to show them that you deserve the scholarship. Anyway my friend just got her scholarship from St Giles 🙂
      I wish you all the best, hope you could pursue your dreams as well and get the scholarship. Should you have any questions regarding to the scholarship, feel free to ask me 🙂

      • Amelia, you are a very kind peson, thank you very much. I think the problem is that I haven´t said how much I want the scholaship on my e-mail. Do you think if I send a better one it can work? Thanks

      • They usually reply all the emails come to their mail though. It may take time to process your application. I suggest waiting for another week, if they still do not reply you yet, you may send a better application. Where are you from Carla? 🙂

  2. Thank you, Amelia. I’m from Brazil. Now I can understand what has happened. I haven´t filled out the application form. I just have sent them an e-mail.. I’ll do the right way right now. Amelia,did you stay in smeone´s house? How much extra money is it necessary to stay there for a month or two? You have been very kind, sorry for disturbing you. Hgs (abraços) from Brazil (do Brasil),

    • Hey… I have a lot of friends from Brazil 😀 Fingers crossed for your scholarship, hope you get it! I did stay in a homestay for 9 weeks and the homestay provided me breakfast and lunch and it’s included in the scholarship but of course I had to pay the flights and transportation there by myself. Every month I had to top up my oyster card for 160 pounds (find the details here to commute from my homestay to school by tube. This card can be used not only for tube but also for double decker bus or DLR and of course the living cost depends on your lifestyle. If you love to shop, then it’ll cost you double. Anyway you can also easily find McDonald’s or Subway or Pasta place around London Central school. You can buy the burger and coke or pasta with 3.- 5 pounds everyday for lunch. Also, there are a lot of kebab places which offer cheap foods and drinks 😀

  3. So, You know a lot of Brazilian. Have you already been here? Hope you can come someday. Thank you very much for all information. They will be very useful in a near future (I hope!) bjs

    • Hey, sorry for the late reply 🙂 Yeah, I have a lot of Brazilian friends and the closest one is coming to my country soon! Thank you, I really hope I could visit Brazil someday 🙂

  4. Hello amelia! I’m mariana, I sent you a message to your facebook, I hope you can answer me. have a nice day 🙂

  5. Pingback: Winning a Scholarship to England? Yes, You ABSOLUTELY Can! « Sekolah Luar Negeri

    • Hi Yosi,

      Ini half board accommodation. Yang berarti coursesnya semuanya ditanggung dan akomodasi dapet halfboard (homestay, makan pagi dan makan malam). Diluar itu ditanggung sendiri.

  6. Hi Amelia, nice to ride your story! I would know how your adaptation during you lived at London? And did you go there alone without anyone? Maybe you are able to tell the details story… thankyou

    • Hi Riana, thank you for reading my blog. I went to the UK alone without companion. I must admit it was not difficult to adapt to the environment, the weather, the food, even the people.

      I did my own research before I departed there. I learnt what’s nice and what’s not to do or say there. I was underprepared when it came to clothing as the weather there was extremely cold for me even though they said it’s summer (I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia, where it’s always hot and humid all year); but I had it sorted out by having a friend accompanied me to buy some sweaters.

      Food was a bit bland but finding some Asian restaurants in London was not a problem.

      The people were also very nice and friendly. I never had any problems with the people. Just make sure to stay away from drunk British people as (I think) they get very cranky and they like to pick up a fight when they’re drunk.

      Overall, London is a big city so to be able to adapt with the whole things there wouldn’t be difficult.

  7. Hi Amelia, I love your story. May I be your friend on FB?
    I wanna ask some questions to u about the short course scholarship in UK.
    you got right for your statement “Scholarship is not only for the geniuses, it is for those who are willing to find it themselves”. I knew that I never tried it before, and now I realize I have to do something to catch my dream going to there even my English is not good enough.

    • Hi Rizqi! Thanks for reading my blog 😊 feel free to add me on my Facebook and I’ll add you back.

      I’m glad that you’re inspired to make your dream come true to go to the UK. Whatever obstacles you meet on your way to reach your dreams, don’t give up. Just remember it gets a lot harder when you’re about to reach your dreams. Good luck! 😊

      • wow you are so kind Amel, I got fast response from you, thank you so much 🙂
        hope I get advice from you…
        I’m happy to know you Amel
        yeah, I’ve sent you my friend request

      • Wow, you are so kind. I got fast response of my comment. Thank you Amel..
        Yap, I feel this is the right time for me to try, to do my effort. Thanks for inspiring me Amel

  8. Hi Amelia, May I be your friend on FB?
    I’ve sent you my friend request. Really interest in your statement “Scholarship is not only for the geniuses, it is for those who are willing to find it themselves”. I realize that I really wanna catch my dream to get there even my English is not good enough.

  9. Hi Amelia, I love your story. May I be your friend on FB?
    I wanna ask some questions to u about the short course scholarship in UK.
    you got right for your statement “Scholarship is not only for the geniuses, it is for those who are willing to find it themselves”. I knew that I never tried it before, and now I realize I have to do something to catch my dream going to there although my English is not good enough.

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